Corporate Overview
Dear U puts users' communication at the heart of our services.
Dear U creates a cultural identity through communication.
Dear U leads the trend by introducing new communicating opportunities through innovative ideas.
"Dear U hopes to share the value of communication to the world."
Dear U has established itself as a representative global fan-communication platform company by partnering with various entertainment companies.
With the rapid development of mobile technology, the MZ generation's fan community is mainly centered in mobile platforms. As K-pop fandom continues to play a huge part in the global fan community, the opportunities for fan-related businesses has expanded year after year.

As a result, Dear U, a global fan communication platform company, was founded. Since its first launch in February 2020, the private messaging service DearU bubble has been breaking its highest quarterly sales records every quarter due to the rapid growth in the number of paid subscribers. Compared to other competitors, DearU bubble provides differentiated and exclusive content that meets users’ satisfaction and records a high subscription retention rate.

  Dear U will continue providing new services that serve special communication experience for both celebrities and fans, and ultimately expand into a more advanced fandom business.
Dear U provides a special communication experience for
celebrities and fans.
We will continue to provide new services in fandom business
to maximize fans’ satisfaction.